LinkSpace by ERCER

Since 2012, ERCER has been linked to the world of education through several educational centers (schools, universities and training centers). However, our concern about the situation of the educational system has gone further. We really think that the experience in digital transformation of companies and the way in which they affect in the design process of their spaces should be present in the educational world. For this reason LinkSpace By ERCER was born in March 2020: a space for meeting and reflection on the major problems of the educational situation nowadays.

As it appears on its website ( “LinkSpace is a meeting point for different professionals with the aim of sharing knowledge, projecting and disseminating. It is about finding common ground between disciplines and sensitivities that are absolutely related and with those that may seem less. That is why a SPACE FOR CREATING IDEAS AND GENERATING LINKS”.

Since March and to date we have launched different projects that aim to serve as a lever for change in education. Projects that bring both students and other agents who are interested in promoting a change in the current educational scenario.

STEAM enrichment projects for students, Ideas Laboratory with professionals from education and other fields, meetings, debates, searching for synergies… are being the starting point of a process of reflection and very enriching change.

The Linkspace By ERCER methodology is very open since it welcomes the proposals that any collaborator can make to us and that are aligned with our philosophy. Therefore, from the CONTACT section of our website we are open to suggestions and collabs. We invite you to visit our website where you can get to know us better and see the ideas we are carrying out: the LinkSpace magazine, the blog, the events and all the resources that we make available to professionals in education and other fields. We are waiting for you!