BACK TO NATURE: Procter&Gamble

Architecture & design, as any other human discipline, has evolved over the years. Time ago, when work was seen as mere productivity, office design responded to an attempt to créate isolated and aseptic spaces. However, current conceptions put concepts such as well-being, sustainability, nature and human relationships at the center. These are the main axes on which the Procter & Gamble office refurbishment has turned.

Hand b hand with an international studio, ERCER has been the awarded general contractor for the execution of the comprehensive refurbishment project of the company´s offices in the city of Alcobendas in Madrid. This is a large project due to different aspects. On the one hand, the project covers four floors and the work must be carried put while company´s activity goes on. The second important aspect is the tight timing for execution, which is requiring a very exact planning to be able to undertake this project. The third aspect, and maybe the most interesting one, is the philosophy behind it. All the interior design focuses on the idea of the “Source of life”. A very interesting concept because it places the design and architecture o fan office at the service of Nature. Ecology, shown in the huge number of gardens, in the improvement of air conditioning and facilities in general to make them more sustainable; the importance of water, which is shown in many of the meeting rooms from wooden panels with maritime designs of different colour. To all this we must add some joinery Jobs that lead us directly to connect with the Wood and with the earth. At the same time, the environment (in this case the Community of Madrid and its most iconic places), are present in this work because the closest environment takes on a determining importance in sustainability. Definitely a design that puts technical and constructive advances at the service of a more human and sustainable vision.

Every single project is a challenge. Repeating with a large company such as Procter & Gamble is an even greater challenge because previous collabs with them have been a big success for ERCER.

Undertaking a project about 4.700 sqm, on four different floors while the business activity must continue to function is an extra handicap. However, all of this is providing formidable satisfaction as you contemplate how the project is progressing. But, with no doubt, the most satisfactory thing is being the facto f putting the knowledge of our entire human team at the service of a vision as interesting as the “Source of life” at the service of the well-being of people and the planet.